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Bridal Packages

These are the rates for bridal appointments at artist's residence in Torrance 90503. Bridal henna is preferred at artist's home, however if you want artist to travel a travel fee applies depending on location.

The Lily Bride:

For the mesmerizing and minimalist bride who prefers to go with something simple. The selection includes Indo-Arabic style henna. Just beyond wrists paired with similar style on back of hands. (Up to No. 2 on hand chart.)


This selection includes simple henna on the feet that extends to the ankle.


Price $275 - 2.5 hours

(includes henna after care)

The Rose Bride:

For the bride that prefers elegant fusion of contemporary and traditional style. This selection includes full palms and tops of the hands with designs extending just past wrists (same as Lily bride). This selection is for the bride who wants a full traditional look but doesn't want to extend her henna too far up arms and feet.


Price $375- 3.5 hours

The Jasmine Bride:

For the bride who wants in between elegant, contemporary, and yet traditional. This selection includes intricate bridal henna on palm and midway up the arms as well as similar intricacy and length on the backs of hands. (No. 4 til forearm on hand chart)


Price $750

Jasmine Hands $575

Paired with Lily feet : $650

or Rose feet: $700(Til no. 1 on feet chart)

Paired with Jasmine Feet: $750 (Til no. 3 on feet chart)


Jasmine feet includes henna that partially fills the top of feet. The design only covers the tops/fronts of the feet and legs and does not wrap around.

The Lotus Bride:

This selection is for the bride to be who wishes to do her bridal henna in all its traditional grandeur.

Includes intricate bridal henna on hands, palms, forearms all the way up to elbows and wrapping around in similar style and intricacy on the backs of hands.


Price $1200 – 7 to 8 hours

Lotus Hands:$800

Paired with Lily feet: $900 (4-5 hours)

Paired with Rose feet: $1000 (5-6 hours)

Paired with Jasmine feet: $1100 (6-7 hours)

Paired with Lotus feet: $1200 (7-8 hours)


Lotus Feet:

This selection includes elegant henna on your feet and legs that extends all the way to the knees. The design will only cover the tops/front of the feet and legs and does not wrap around.

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